Ascension Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case) – Black Anodized

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Mountain Mods Gold Digger cases are manufactured specifically for GPU mining of crypto-currencies, GPU Folding, and any need for multiple GPU’s operating at near 100% Load nearly 100% of the time. Mountain Mods Gold Digger series cases utilize the base US patented U2-UFO and Ascension designs and incorporate a whopping 20 PCI I/O bracket. The 20 PCI I/O bracket attaches to the Gold Digger case back panel. The bracket utilizes Mountain Mods patent pending “Air Assist” feature. The I/O “Air Assist” is achieved by insetting I/O Mounting holes away from the case with enough space to mount 3x120mm fans behind the bracket and internal the case back panel. The use of 120mm fans greatly increases airflow in the GPU as well as between GPU’s. The result is a drastically cooler running GPU with overall lower GPU fan speeds. The reduction of thermal load on the GPU as well as the reduction of the GPU fan speed operation increases the longevity and performance stability of the GPU. Riser cables are used to extend the GPU’s from the Motherboard below. Operating the GPU’s several inches off the motherboard results in little to no heat transference from the GPU to the motherboard itself. This also greatly reduces thermal loads on the GPU’s as well as the motherboard and components. Mountain Mods Gold Digger cases also incorporate a separate I/O panel that attaches to the motherboard allowing for the use of other PCI – I/O devices, including full size GPU’s on the mainboard if desired. Case COMES EMPTY. No fans/filters/grills.. GPUS – etc. This item will ship as follows: Finish – Anodized Black 2 x 120 Fan Plates for Optical Cage areas Acrylic Feet (image shows casters) Switches and power cables included. Screws for case assembly included. See our website for more details.

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Mountain Mods


Ascension Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case) – Black Anodized


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