NVIDIA GRID Does Cloud-Based Gaming or we call Cloud GPU Server

introducing nvidia grid CloudNVIDIA Open GRID Sheets For New Cloud-Based Gaming or cloud GPU server

For those of you who have been paying attention to our articles, the term GRID might sound quite familiar and that’s because NVIDIA is first discussed in the GPU technology conference 2012 their cloud technology in the form of so-called “GeForce GRID”. VGX technology that helps build a virtual computing environment and manage a collection of computing resources that are as large as some of the GPU that be divided from any node. This concept raises pamor GeForce GRID which handles processing software as a cloud-based technology.

Today at the Conference of pre-CES, NVIDIA revealed how they can make it happen with NVIDIA GRID – fully integrated NVIDIA branded servers with 12 high-performance GPU units, software graphics applications, and streaming technology NVIDIA VGX which allows several users share a GPU. This device is designed to accommodate the stream of quality gaming is much higher and at lower latency than cloud based gaming system first generation (such as OnLive).

NVIDIA claims that GRID server contains 12 high-performance GPU promises quality stream gaming HD 36 times higher than previous cloud-based gaming system.

The idea behind NVIDIA’S GRID is that the majority of users now have a wide range of services and applications available in the cloud so no need to install a lot of important programs in the system. But a broad video game area is still kept alive and functioning properly. Of course, the main reason this could not be realized before is the lack of computing power, the limited internet and obstacles surrounding the bandwidht latency. But this time, the three aforementioned aspects already addressed and NVIDIA is busy working on a detail and develop ecosystems that help support major changes in the world of gaming. Imagine if you could play any game on the screen or any device, anytime and anywhere – that is the goal of eventually.

It’s time to change the game–in a real sense.
Combine a series of servers in a rack GRID NVIDIA (totalling 20), you get a Gaming GRID System. Note the power it offers:

This is the actual size of the Tower Gaming System server rack Grid next to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

To demonstrate proof of concept, NVIDIA is demonstrating platfrom cloud gpu or GRID stream games to LG’S Smart TV 55LA6900 full HD resolution on a TV equipped with the recipient’s client NVIDIA and GRID connection Ethernet to stream games via local router from the internet.

Trine from 2 is a game that was selected and here another example of technology that will be coming soon NVIDIA (GeForce Experience) while NVIDIA client GRID which already integrated on the TV to communicate with the server to inform the optimum game settings to display the output on the TV unit. NVIDIA also demonstrating at the tablet by running client installed and allow the Geforce Experience does its job to ensure optimal gameplay.

On the left, you will see Android-based tablet that has a NVIDIA client application GRID on the screen. After selecting the desired game and running, Trine from 2 again, we witnessed how NVIDIA helps bring GRID platform and devices penetrate the limits of game play.

Currently, NVIDIA Cloud GPU is collaborating with various online gaming service providers such as Agawi, Cloudunion, G-Cloud, Cyber clusters, Playcat, and Ubitus to introduce cloud-based gaming server is the next generation.