What is Your GPU themprature while mining?

I have problem with my gpu temperature, i found that gpu temperature while mining about 65°c – 80°c and i worry that gpu might burning, and finally I found info on dodgecoin reddit (thanks to dogebiscuit.

I have Googling but didn’t give me a simple chart, so I’m going to make one. Nobody has a definitive answer about my gpu themperature, so here is an attempt to create a broad understanding what temperatures mean based on many hours of research.

Please Note: All GPU have different safe ranges. This is an attempt to generalize temperature ranges for mining any coin in general. Because I may say a temperature is generally safe, doesn’t mean it definitely is.

0°C – 29°C You might want to turn your computer on first!3

0°C – 49°C Idling. No major tasks are running. Are you sure your miner is even on?

50°C – 59°C GPU is idling in a warm room, or GPU is underclocked. Might be able to crank a bit more power.

60°C – 69°C There’s action happening. GPU is processing at a very acceptable rate!

70°C – 75°C Okay things are getting really warm. High graphics gaming or optimized mining. We shouldn’t get any hotter.

75°C – 79°C Alright, this is questionable area. Some GPU can handle this range easily, but I’d rather play it safe and back off.

80°C – 89°C Like playing with fire. At this range, your GPU might seem like it’s doing just fine (you don’t smell burning plastic, right?) but always assume you’re doing long-term damage to your GPU. Only run this high if you don’t expect to use that GPU for another year or two!

90°C – 99°C There’s definitely some damage happening. Don’t breath in the burning smell, it’s probably bad for you!

100°C – 109°C If you’re lucky you can use your GPU after it get this hot, but treat it nice like an abused puppy.

110°C+ Congratulations, your GPU is now a paperweight. However, let it cool off before you hang it on your wall.

Again, these are general estimates aimed to help the community understand what different temperatures mean. If you have any personal experience or professional opinion I’d love to hear them and make edits if needed!.

I have maintain my gpu temperatures by adding a standing fan about 37 watts and it still good till now, and do some dust cleaning on your gpu heatsink.